Help us make this wonderful dream come true. With your help we will give people a new home, strength to go further and hope to create new, beautiful and strong relationships. All of that under one roof where

   TWO GENERATIONS will coexist.

We would like to preserve one of the very few kindergartens in eastern Slovakia where the education is provided in Ruthenian language and use the remaining space to create


that combines a unique idea:

Coexistence of two generations – Young Children and Retired People :-)



                    We believe in this project, and we also know that our parents and grandparents deserve it. We believe that together with your help we can seize this opportunity and make this dream come true. Unity is strength! Therefore, we would like to reach to all of you who are reading this right now, especially YOU. :-) No matter what form of help you’ll choose, whether you will help us financially or talk about this project and us to your friends, acquaintances or family, we owe you a big


    We have an idea:   

Let’s get cozy, put on your slippers, make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate or pour yourself a nice glass of wine and spare a few minutes watching our video. Be sure to click through the other sections of the menu as well where you will get many useful information about the whole PROJECT, ABOUT US, GIFTS and make sure you will not miss our PHOTOGALLERY.


Do not miss :-)

Time goes by..

If we can raise more than the minimum amount within 55 days, we will be given all the funds you sent and start working on the project. If we fail to raise the specified minimum amount, money paid will be automatically returned to donors.