How did it all began.. and how it will continue..


I know that nothing is a coincidence and everything in life happens for a reason.

It all started at the university when I decided to go to England and work there. I stayed there almost for a year. It was no accident that I met people who worked in a retirement home. I call this experience my “awakening” :-)

Back then I got this idea that has been with me all this time.

I spent a lot of my free time helping at the retirement home ... I enjoyed it and felt good about that. After returning to Slovakia I knew that I had to continue helping and the urge inside me was getting stronger and stronger. I really wanted to do something similar for our parents and grandparents.

Thus began my journey back in 2009. I’ve learned a lot. I put down my rose-colored glasses and began to perceive the world and events as they really were through different-natured people and their frustrations, joys and happiness. This journey had lasted for 5 years and the result? All of my plans, efforts, new projects – it all went wrong.

.. that’s why I put all my plans on hold... During those five years, and even before, I worked in different places. After school I decided to travel and fully commit my life to the care for the elderly in Austria and work there as a nurse in the retirement home. 

I met wonderful people who taught me that I have to take all situations, good or bad, sad or happy, as they are and look at them from different angles. But especially that each situation moves us forward ... it’ all about the journey, not destination... 

I lived my life and stayed open, waited for the right opportunity come by.

 ...and it came!.. :-)

From that moment on it ceased to be ME and MY project and it become WE and OUR project.

In the summer of 2016 an opportunity came by and we immediately seized it! We were lucky to land a long-term lease contract for the beautiful building, and thus to establish a retirement home while maintaining the Ruthenian kindergarten that have already been running in the building.