Borders? I have never seen one.But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people..


About US, who we are and what we do :-)

We are young people with a very unique way of life. We are connected through our passion for helping people and commitment to do what we feel is right. We are also connected professionally, some of us are paramedics, doctors, caregivers. Although we work in different countries (Slovakia, Germany, Austria), we would like to join our forces, our experience, knowledge and skills we’ve gather from these three countries where we worked, served as interns, lived or visited and revive eastern Slovakia, bring smile to faces of people who live here, motivate them, give them opportunities, work and most importantly – give them home. The aim of out civic association is to run a retirement home. 


                                                               Mgr.Zdenka Halušková                          Mudr. Lenka Bačová                Ing. Ján Gáll


Why us?

How can you support us?

What makes us different?

 We are like everybody else except we have a little more determination, we like taking risks, we try hard and have guts to never give up, we believe in the strength and unity of the people and most importantly, we believe that we will succeed. None of us comes from a wealthy family, we know what it's like to have very little, what it's like to fight for our dreams, to work, to be without our own family because of work abroad. We are impartial, love people and we like helping people and making new things. Our motto is “WE CONNECT“. We believe that a group of people working towards one goal can achieve more than a lone individual. Money isn’t everything, what is important is the heart and determination to do what is right. This project is exceptional and deserves to get a chance. Give us a chance and we'll see what we can do. Help us make something special!

We are open to discussions and we will gladly answer your questions.

    In unity is strength!