The future belongs to those who believe  in the beauty of their dreams  (ELEANOR ROOSEVELT)

We know that we cannot change everything at once, but we can try.

Can you imagine what we can achieve by opening a retirement home?

We can start an avalanche of positive things that will have an impact on our future


- By creating a retirement home we can give around 40 people, who cannot take care about themselves, a new HOME.

The kindergarten will be preserved. With that in mind we will get a chance to teach the young generation about empathy and compassion, and help parents to raise their children with important values in mind.  What could be more beautiful than motivating young people? Maybe this will inspire them to create similar projects in future, who knows.

We will give work to people. Thus, they will not be forced to go and work abroad and leave their families.

- We would like to cooperate with the inhabitants of the village – we would like to buy their local fruits, Farm produce, vegetables and the like.

- We plan to create sheltered workshops where our retired people and children can work and have fun.

Why you should support this idea:

Because this will be the first alternative retirement home and kindergarten under one roof.

Those who contribute to the project will live forever through this building and smiles of people who found their home there.

Children will learn that people of all ages have their unique place in our society, and that it is important to help each other and care for each other

- Beautiful and well-kept location - by supporting this project we will give a chance to people who need our help. Moreover, they have a unique opportunity to develop beautiful relationships.

 - We want older people to fully enjoy their lives and feel that they are still important and needed ... We want to give them a felling that they have the right to live their life to the fullest and with all dignity.
-Because people deserve it!