In unity is strength! 

Nice little gifts for everyone :-) 

- Each donor's name will be displayed in the "The Hall of Gratitude"

- Fridge magnets featuring the picture of the retirement home

- A mug with a logo and photo of the retirement home

- The first issue of the magazine

- A T-shirt with a logo and photo of the retirement home

- Your company’s logo on the agreed place

- Voucher to purchase products from the sheltered workshop

- Invitations to major events that will take place

- Lunch or dinner with children and pensioners

- Weekend in Eastern Slovakia

(food, program, accommodation)


The hall of Gratitude

The Hall of Gratitude can feature your name :-)


 What is The Hall of Gratitude? 

It is the main hall in the building that connects the bedrooms, kitchen and kindergarten. The Hall is a major symbol of the project - connecting people committed to the matter, people from all parts of the world who can help us develop this international retirement home. All those who contribute will be able to find their name and the country they come from in here. Donors are more than welcome to visit our retirement home any time!